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JUNE 2024





MEET LUWICK The heart and soul of the LF Law is its founder and managing partner, Luwick Francois. Luwick brings a wealth of experience, exceptional proficiency, cultural competency and a staunch dedication to employment law. Before establishing the firm, Luwick spent a significant portion of his career at the state’s anti-discrimination agency, the New York State Division of Human Rights, where he served as a vigorous advocate upholding the rights of those affected by discrimination. 

During his tenure at the Division, Luwick worked on countless matters and various scenarios affecting individuals at the workplace, successfully obtaining millions in settlements, awards, civil fines, and penalties on behalf of the aggrieved employees, effectively transforming the lives of countless individuals. This extensive experience has provided Luwick with an intimate insight into the nuances of employment law, ensuring that individuals and small businesses are aware of their rights and responsibilities at the workplace. 

Luwick also has extensive experience with trials, administrative hearings, and depositions. However, he also received Part 146 Basic Mediation and Advance Commercial Training, which enables the firm to have a multifaceted approach to achieve clients’ objectives. This training also allows the Firm to provide value to small and medium businesses through peer-to-peer mediation and consulting services.  









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