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The Black Business Connector is an online digital directory that connects black business owners with customers
as well as with one another.


Think of

The Big Black Book as an

online digital directory

where you can find and connect with

local entreprenuers 

in the Brooklyn,

New York area.


MAY 2024



Brittney Ann.JPG

Brittneyann Cover

Brittneyann Cover, an MBA alumna of

Eastern University in Pennsylvania, is a dynamic force in the realms of financial literacy and real estate.

As an expert, life coach, and author, she's dedicated to empowering parents and teens to forge strong financial foundations, and champions millennials on their

journey to homeownership.

With Orlando, Florida as her home base, Brittneyann's influence extends far beyond the city limits through her magnetic YouTube videos, social media presence, and insightful written work. She captivates audiences at speaking events and beyond, offering a wealth of inspiration and actionable advice. Join her growing community of motivated individuals seeking financial wellness and lifestyle empowerment by following

@coverbrealtor across all social media platforms. 







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