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Dr. Ali Griffith


Dr. Ali Griffith is the owner of

Dr. Alisha Griffith, LLC. 

She is an autism parenting strategist & Ignite business coach. She coaches mompreneurs with shifting, igniting & making power moves to ignite results.



IG: @draligriffith


Connie McMillian


Connie McMillian aka

"Sobriety Queen" is the owner of

Sober Juice bar. 

She is also a Life Coach, Author & Speaker

who helps women to stop drinking & "Finally Feel Good in Living Their Lives".

If you need support on your journey

schedule your 30 minute consultation

or get your nutrients in your body everyday at



IG: @soberjuic_bar


Talib Jasir Fleming


Talib Jasir Fleming is the owner of

FWD Movement. 

FWD Movement transformation coaching is committed to the progression, expansion & elevation of individuals & communities.



IG: @coach_talib

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Keisha Thompson


Dr. Keisha Thompson is the founder & CEO of Goals Brunch.

Dr. Keisha hosts a quarterly goals brunch meeting with women focused on addressing the obstacles to achieving their goals, establishing positive sisterhood & guidance on becoming the best versions of themselves. She also produces the Misadventures of An Inspired Woman Podcast.




IG: @dr_keisha 

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Chloe Natacha


Chloe Natacha is the founder of

ANS Association & Chloe Natacha Ministries.  ANS Association is an empowerment organization to uplift men, women & youth. 

2020 marks their 5th year of being an organization.  They honor men, women & the youth who work hard in the community & continue to empower others.  They are also launching the youth empowerment The Nicole Aurelien Youth Foundation.



IG: @ansassociation



Beth Brown


Beth Brown is the founder of

The Black Business Connector. 

As a photographer, she has been empowering men & women through photo sessions for over 10 years.  In 2021 she began teaching Christian men & women how to level up their emotional, spiritual & physical lives.  Beth specializes in forgiveness journaling, how to heal & redefine identity after trauma or heartbreak &

self-confidence art workshops.




IG: @babsphotographyllc 


Voncille Chaney


Voncille Chaney is founder of

I Am Queen JVC LLC

which has a mission to empower people through books, consulting, coaching & motivational speaking.  Here I Am A Queen book series gives each Queen her very own story that shows we are all connected despite our differences. 



IG: @IAmQueenBooks


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