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Carl Michel


Carl Michel is the owner of

Young Exekutive, LLC.

Carl says, “I spark the minds that will change the world!” He is the best selling author of 365 Hip-Hop: Daily Motivational Quotes. He is also a speaker & a host who inspires people to be the best versions of themselves.



IG: @youngexekutive



Tracé Wilkins Francis


Tracé Wilkins Francis is the owner of

Annie Jean Publishing, Inc.

Annie Jean Publishing, Inc is an independent family-owned publishing company whose focus is on promoting positive & diverse children’s books.



 IG @tracewilkinsfrancis 


Keisha Christian


Keisha Christian is the owner of

Dropping Gemz™ Publishing.

Keisha provides customers & clients with “Holistic solutions with the soul in mind!™”

She accomplishes this by teaching methods & techniques on living a holistic lifestyle so they can have a better quality of life.




IG: @droppinggemz



Shaquan Hoke


Shaquan Hoke is the owner of

Beyond A J.O.B. Inc.

Shaquan Hoke is a three-time bestselling author, and inspirational coach, speaker & training facilitator with 10 years of human resource experience. Her areas of expertise include: professional business development, recruitment, sales, career coaching

& image consulting.




IG: @shaquanhoke


Lyn Davis


Lyn Davis is the author of

From Yard to Foreign.

She is an author who has taken on the task of writing a young adult book that speaks to the transition of children from their respective island homes to America (foreign). The book addresses many themes that can be utilized in any home or classroom.



 IG @from_yard_to_foreign



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Phoenix Love


Phoenixx Love is the owner of

Healer’s Haven Holistically Health and Wellness Solutions.

Healer’s Haven offers trauma focused interventions using both psychotherapy & holistic healing methods like sound healing, Reiki & tapping. They work with businesses & organizations using customized solutions: training workshops, meditation circles & stress management groups.



IG: @iamphoenixxlove


Linda J. Williams

Linda J. Williams is the owner of

Etiquette & Writing Consultancy.

Etiquette & Writing Consultancy has been in business since 2001 providing training in dining etiquette, church etiquette, business etiquette for high school, college students & corporations. Their mission is to teach the rules of appropriate behavior & its benefit in the life of individuals & society




IG: @godmadeaway2018


Martine M. Mayas


Marine M. Mayas is the owner of

Mayas and Company, LLC.

She is an ambassador to helping women become the best version of themselves as well as advocate for women’s health & award winning author.




IG: @cherishhourfuture